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Admission to graduate programmes in 2022/23 - for foreigners

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Management, specialization: International Business (studies in English)

Organizational unit Faculty of Management and Transport
Field of studies Management
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Duration 2 years of studies (4 terms)
Required document
  • Higher education
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Second-cycle studies - MA in International Business


Why is it worth choosing our specialty?

International Business is the only second-cycle study program in the Podbeskidzie region that is entirely taught in English. IB is distinguished not only by the modern concept of education, but also by the high quality of the program of studies, based on proprietary curricula, consulted with business partners of the field of study, which are international enterprises. International Business also means cultural diversity and the resulting international integration of students. Curricula include subjects in management, economics, law, psychology and political science. As a result, our graduates acquire unique and practical skills and knowledge of the above-mentioned areas which are appreciated by the entrepreneurs. 

What subjects?

The didactic offer of the specialization includes many practical subjects. During the course, students can develop and improve their skills on the basis of solving case studies, engaging discussions, presentations and participation in inspiring lectures. As part of the program, lectures conducted by specialists in a given field and practitioners are organized. During their studies students can participate in study visits to companies operating on an international and cross-border scale.

Is it just science?

In addition to studying, students can participate in the life of the university by taking part in various types of events as well as taking part in scientific conferences and, above all, taking advantage of the wide range of international trips, both for studies and internships. International Business is an excellent platform to establish international contacts and start an international career. In 2018, the International Business specialization received the Extraordinary "European Laurel" Certificate for the implementation of advanced program solutions aimed at internationalization of education and the development of scientific and didactic cooperation with foreign centers.

What to do after graduation?

Graduates of International Business, obtaining a master's degree in management, are prepared to work in enterprises operating on an international and cross-border scale. In 2018, the International Business specialization received the "Studies with the Future" Certificate, which was awarded for the outstanding modern concept of education, the highest quality of programs and compliance with the needs of the labor market.

For information about tuition fees, see here: https://eng.ath.bielsko.pl/index.php/full-studies-at-the-university-of-bielsko-biala/fees.html